Guiding the wisdom of the past to journey to our future. March 20.

Updated Final Schedule

TEDxSummerisle is pleased to announce our final speaking schedule.

The event will run from 5pm GMT (10am PT / 1pm ET)  to  about 7:30pm GMT (12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET) GMT on March 20. While we are disappointed that Michael Pollan had to withdraw, we couldn’t be happier with the list

  • Researcher Amy B. Damron will introduce us to Our Friends the Bees, and Nanotech
  • Futurist Connor Deniehy will tell us about The Promise of Precision Farming
  • Historian Rose MacGreagor will reveal The Secret Science of the Ancients
  • Entrepreneur Jan Vacík will take us on a tour of Solar Power Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Maverick thinker Jenny Lassiter will provoke us with As Above, So Below:  The Emergence of Cross-Species Communal Behavior
  • Finally, there will be an Community Building Event, led by the Summerisle organizing team.

Can’t join us? Stay tuned for the information on the Livestream and keep up with events on our Twitter account.

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